For the final dissemination of the project, Istituto Casimiri organised an event in its Observatory on August 7th 2019. The local community was invited to observe the sky at night and to know about the results of the project. The students showed the audience all the activities carried out in the two-year project and the results obtained. People were able to see the instruments built by the students (Galilean telescopes, sundials, quadrants), the pictures taken during the meetings and the moon observations, the reports about Constellations and Myths, the scientific essay, the astronomical dictionary, the play, and the Erasmus + corner which summarizes everything.

The students said that, thanks to this project, they better understood the connection between theoretical and practical study and realized products that are the concrete image of their own experience. At the same time they realized the importance of “the dialogue” between different cultures thus becoming active promoters of the value of the European citizenship.