Transnational Teacher’s Meeting

From 24th to 31th October 2017

We held our first meeting in Fuenlabrada. For five days, teachers from the three secondary schools atended conferences at the NASA Madrid Deep Space Centre in Robledo de Chavela (MDSCC), the European Space Agency in Villafranca del Castillo and the Astronomy Centre in Fuenlabrada.

We had the opportunity to know different programs and workshops that we can apply with our students to make it easier to improve their knowledge about this exciting field of Astronomy.

We enjoyed also cultural visits in Madrid and Toledo, the latter being a city of great interest as an example of peaceful coexistence and exchange of knowledge between the three cultures, Jewish, Arab and Christian.

It was, therefore, a very fruitful meeting because it not only allowed to organize the Project and its development for the next two school years, but we also presented to our partners the resources and institutions that participate with us in Out of the dark.

The international Erasmus team was received by the local authorities in the Town Hall, establishing an institutional support for our project on dissemination issues. Through the website of the town hall and the local press, we were able to publicize our project, thus opening it to the whole community.