Learning, teaching and training activity in Italy

From 18th to 24th November 2018

This was our second learning, teaching and training activity with students. The international team was composed for ten Swedish students, fourteen Spanish and the whole Italian group, accompanied by two teachers from each country.

The official agenda could be carried out without problem except the activity planned in the observatory, given the weather conditions. We greatly enjoyed the cultural visits, especially the visit to the Galilean Museum, in Florence, which allowed us to better understand the role that this scientist played in advancing the knowledge of the universe, and how sometimes science is slowed down in its advances by beliefs of those who govern.

We develop scientific activities, such as calculations on the height of the mountains of the Moon, but also others of a humanistic nature such as the presentations on the history of astronomy in each of the countries, or the myths and legends related to bodies or celestial phenomena.

The area where the Italian school is located is very rich from the natural point of view, but also historical: Assissi, Gubbio and Gualdo itself, are very interesting cities. Therefore, in general, the experience was very enriching from all points of view and the evaluation made at the end of the meeting shows it.

The group strengthened their relationship and students kept in touch maintaining contact with each other through skype, email or whatsapp.