Learning, teaching and training activity in Spain

From 20th to 24th May 2019

We arrived at the last meeting with a very ambitious program from the scientific point of view, conducting workshops in collaborating centers such as the Astronomy Classroom and the NASA MDSCC in Robledo de Chavela. The Spanish team prepared, together with the Swedish, the report to be able to investigate and perform calculations on solar protuberances. Also, a robotics workshop was held in which they built small rovers within the activity “To the conquest of Mars“, presented at the fair.

On this occasion, all participants, as well as the rest of the educational community and neighbors of the Loranca neighborhood and other centers of the municipality, had the opportunity to see the products of the entire project in an exhibition that coincided with the celebration of the IV Fuenlabrada Science Fair.

From the humanistic point of view, the planned theater activity was carried out, having written a script that summarizes the fundamentals of the project (national / online activities). The students of the Italian team were the protagonists, and therefore they devoted time to rehearse and set the stage.

In addition, we made cultural visits to Toledo, San Lorenzo del Escorial and Madrid. In all of them, special mention is made of its relationship with Astronomy, whether in its historical, technical or artistic development.

The evaluation of this activity was positive despite the fact that the dates were not ideal because all students were in the final exam period. An online questionnaire was made for this meeting and another for the final evaluation of the project, which shows a high degree of satisfaction after participating in the Erasmus project, an improvement in their scientific, linguistic and technological skills, and a greater openness in terms of the possibilities that Europe offers to young people in their training.