Learning, teaching and training activity in Sweden

From 20th to 26th May 2018

In our first learning, teaching and training activity with students, the Swedish team made a beautiful job to get the international group together, a basic aspect so that we could successfully carry out the Project. The excellent attitude of students is the best indicator that this objective of cohesion was achieved.

Another important point in this meeting was the flexibility of the whole Erasmus team, since the initial agenda had to be adapted due to weather conditions. The star gazing was planify in a cloudy day, so we introduced a walk in the forest so as to know something more about nature in Sweden, and we prepared the activity with Stellarium and the star map. This activity was presented by the Spanish students who acted as teachers on this occasion.

Through the different workshops we did, an extraordinary combination of the scientific contents we wanted to work with the most artistic and creative aspects of the Project was achieved. For example the models we did to explain seasons in an old school near the lake, or those that students created about the Solar System exploration, in the Art Museum in Eskilstuna.

We were also able to enjoy an important resource in Stockholm, the Natural History Museum, to see the film “Cosmos, the eternal journey”, in the iMax-Cinema. After that, we had a guided tour in the Old Town.

We could enjoy with the activities planned for us with students of other educational centres in Eskiltuna, for example the S: T Eskils Gymnasium (Eskilstuna International College), that also performed the musical “Hair”. We knew the Old Town walking in a beautiful guided tour.

This kind of activities provide a great opportunity to establish links with the local community, in the same way as the reception at the Town Hall. All this contributes to increase the impact and dissemination of our Erasmus Project.